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The Proof in Professional Staffing!

The days of vetting candidates by resume are over! Introducing Prova Tests! The only online candidate vetting system that customizes tests to your specific job requirements and can be administered anywhere in the world. Our video, sound, and screen recording technology ensures you get real candidates with real job skills. Now you can find the top talent without spending countless hours sifting through resume after resume, hoping to find a match. The future of hiring is here!

Custom Tests

No more guessing. Know the candidates you're interviewing are capable of performing the job. Create custom questions and tests specific to your requirements.

Cheat Proof

The Prova Tests online proctoring technology eliminates cheating and surrogate candidates. Full candidate video, audio, and screen capture anywhere in the world.

Find Top Talent

Save hundreds of recruiting hours by reviewing only the top scoring candidates. Cut through the recruitment noise and get connected to the best talent in minutes, not hours.

Partner Support

We understand the hiring process, and the frustrations involved. As a Prova Tests partner, you'll get full product support from industry experts who know your business.


Test results include full candidate video, audio, and screen capture along with category results. Knowing candidate strengths can help create well rounded teams.

VMS Integration

The Prova Tests API can integrate with your current VMS provider or be used as a stand-alone product for your internal recruiting team with an easy to use interface.

Our Technology

Full Candidate Video, Audio, And Screenshot Proctoring Anywhere In The World!

Trust but verify. Completely eliminate surrogate or proxy candidates with Prova Test’s proctored technology. Take the guess work out of hiring remote candidates and eliminate costly recruitment mistakes.

We Help Your Team Create Questions Specific To Your Job Requirements Or Choose From Thousands Of Pre-Built Questions.

This rich Prova Tests feature allows you to create custom questions for each requirement or choose from thousands of pre-built questions. Your custom questions can be simple multiple choice or detailed coding questions. Our code simulator can handle C, C#, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, AngularJS, and more! Did we mention…we help your team build each and every custom test.

Know Your Candidates Before You Interview.

With Prova Tests detailed candidate reporting you’ll get full video, audio, and screenshot details. Remove the possibility of cheating. In addition, you’ll have detailed category scoring to understand your candidate’s strengths, which helps you create a more well rounded team.

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