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Prova test features

With Prova Tests you have complete flexibility to adjust tests to your specifications, update when you evolve, and always keep your candidate benchmarks. Don't waste another minute pouring over inflated resumes to find the right candidate.

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Multiple Test Variations With Links

This features allows your organization to re-use tests, but update any option listed below, by creating a new custom links, saving time and money.

Example: You’ve created a fantastic test for your Informatica job posting which includes online proctoring. Several months later, you decide to post the position to internal candidates and allow them to take the test in a small conference room by your office. You don’t need to record video, audio, and the desktop for this candidate. This feature will allow you to create a second link with new customized options, including having the proctoring turned off. Same tests, sames great vetting process, just new options

Custom Question Types

We’ll teach your teams to create and update your custom tests or we’ll do it for you. It’s easy, plus you can choose from a variety of questions types.
Standard Question Types

  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkbox Questions with multiple selection (scoring weights/percentages can be adjusted for each selection)
  • Fill in the blank questions. EX: Your company will greatly benefit from using ___________________ (Hint: Prova Soft!)
  • Short Answer Questions – EX: Answer in 10 words or less
  • Long Answer Questions – EX: Essay, subjective writing, 100+ words
  • Document Uploads: Word, PDF, PNG, ZIP, etc.
  • Video Answers. EX: Place an audio file the candidate hears, and then responds to with a start/stop button.

Code Simulator Type Questions

    • Code Snippet Questions. EX: C++, Java, PHP, etc.
    • App Development Question. EX: C, C++, C#, Java, Python
    • Database query questions. EX: Oracle, SQL, etc
    • FrontEnd coding questions: EX: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, etc
    • Case Study Question. EX: Business Situations, etc
    • Typing Simulator. EX: Speed, accuracy, etc
    • Mobile Questions. EX: Android, iOS, etc

Randomize your Prova Tests Questions

Reduce cheating by randomizing the questions each candidate receives.

Example: Your Front-End Development team works with AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and operates in an Agile environment. Your team has worked with us to create ten simulator questions for each language and an additional 10 questions about your SDLC. Since the code questions are fairly difficult, you’ve set each assessment to randomly select one of the ten simulator questions and five of the SDLC questions

Set Browser Tolerance

The internet has an answer for just about everything, if you know how to find it. This feature allows you to select the number of times a user can navigate away from the test window.

Example : You want your candidates to rely strictly on their experience and not on search engines, so you set the browser tolerance to “two” for this 20 minute test. When the candidate navigates from the test window, they are immediately notified through the browser that they only have one navigation left before the test is automatically ended. This feature allows you to truly assess a candidates inherent knowledge.

Full Remote Proctoring

This is a standard Prova Tests feature and one that sets us apart. With this feature you can live capture and monitor a candidate’s video, audio, and desktop.

Example : You receive an average of 50 resumes for each position, and only half are local. By recording video, audio, and the candidate desktop you can be 100% sure the candidate you end up interviewing is real and knows how to do the job. When the candidate is finished with the assessment, you immediately receive their test results along with a full recording for review.

Video and Audio Responses

Get to know your candidate before you interview them. With the Video and Audio Response feature, you can hear the candidates voice inflection, see their facial expressions, and get a good idea if they’d be right for your unique team and company dynamic.

Example : You need a Project Manager with experience in coordinating between multiple stakeholders and keep calm under pressure. You decide to ask a question that helps you understand the candidates experience, saving you valuable time and giving you the option to review any candidates answer, not just the few that get an interview.

One-Time Password

Another fantastic feature Prova Tests feature. With One-Time Password protection you can ensure the candidate has control over their email address in the same way you would confirm your email address when creating an account with any company online.

Example : You expect to receive over 200 resumes for this next posting, but want a way to ensure none of the submissions are spam. You setup OTP for testing which ensures any candidate taking the test is a real person with a real email address and not a BOT.

Set Custom Messages

With this feature you can automatically set notifications to candidates before and after they take an assessment.

Example : Your company needs to have EEOC compliance on every test. You decide to have legal create the language and add this to each test using the Custom Message feature. Each candidate now sees this disclosure before attempting the test.

Other Controls

Prova Tests provides a platform that is completely customizable and feature rich. Additional features include:

  • Redirect Candidates upon test completion
  • Choose to show the candidate their scores after completion
  • On-Screen Calculators
  • Allow or Disallow Copy and Paste

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