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Let’s face it, the hiring process is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating for all parties involved. Hiring managers are still spending countless hours sifting through resumes to find the right talent, despite advancements in technology and communication. This enormous effort is costing companies millions and keeping your company from finding the right talent fast. With Prova Tests, your organization can remove the overwhelming recruiter noise, the over inflated resumes, and a dozen other unknowns before meeting and hiring the best candidate.

Keep reading below to see the incredible features and amazing potential Prova Test can offer your organization.


Create Your Prova Test

Choose from dozens of pre-packed Prova Tests or customize your own with thousands of questions covering almost any job role and industry. Randomize your questions so no test is the same and update them as technology evolves. Create your own questions and use our code simulator to challenge candidates for your specific role. Add features to your assessment like: time limits, access time, custom messages, IP restrictions, OTP Protection, and more!

Test Your Candidate

Now share your Prova Test with candidates, recruiters, or your VMS provider. The candidate will begin by verifying their email address and allowing access to video, audio, and screen sharing for honest proctoring. You can view all candidates taking your Prova Test in real-time and communicate with them through chat or let our technology record the entire session for you, so you can at your own time. When candidates are finished, you'll receive their results instantly.

Review the Top Talent

Easily view all your candidates scores to identify and pick the top talent. Get to know them by viewing their code submissions or written and verbal answers. Within minutes you'll have identified the best talent for your role. With 3-5 selected candidates you've easily saved hours of resume reviews and shortened the hiring process by days. Now you can contact the top talent faster before they get away.

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A Deep Dive into the details

Prova Tests Features

With Prova Tests you have complete flexibility to adjust tests to your specifications, update when you evolve, and always keep your candidate benchmarks. Don’t waste another minute pouring over inflated resumes to find the right candidate.

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Cheat Proof Tech

Our Cheat Proof technology helps the best and honest talent rise to the top, while eliminating noise from unqualified and unvetted candidates. Find the best talent fast and save hundreds of recruiting hours. Our pre-built tests are challenging even for the best candidates. This is by design. Most technical professionals rely on search engines and…

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Prova Tests isn’t just for finding great talent, it’s for advancing it. Contact us for additional information on customized employee certifications for your company or if you’re interested in assessments for training class graduations. The Prova Tests engine allows you to create, update, add, and modify questions as your company evolves. Let your certifications quickly.

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API Integration

How secure are your APIs? SSL v3 and TLS v1.x Which programming languages can we access your APIs in? Prova Tests API’s are based on the REST framework and are language agnostic. They can be easily called using any programming language ranging from C# to NodeJS. Do you have any SDKs that can help my…

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